Sunday, October 23, 2011

October Skies

Friday was a day of such gorgeous skies from beginning to end. The rising sun outside my bedroom window

And that evening held this glorious rainbow
It ended with twinkling stars and wispy clouds and a perfect moon. Alas, I am not skilled enough to take a picture that would do it any kind of justice at all so...


  1. You know I love those earrings, I even put them on MY blog!

    And speaking of blogs, I joined yours, but can't seem to get it to appear in the list of blogs I've joined. I can see it on your page, but not on mine. I must be doing something wrong! Do you have any idea what? I'd like to make it show up with others on "my blog list."

    Thanks much if you have any suggestions for me. It seems like I've tried everything! And thanks again for letting me show off your wonderfully unique jewelry!


  2. Thank you Sharyl! You need to go to your design tab and edit the gadget called "My Blog List". you can add the blogs you want there or there is a box you can check to just show all the blogs you follow. Hope that helps