Monday, January 24, 2011

New Shop Section

I've had a couple requests for clip on earrings. It took a while to find clips that I was happy with. I don't put anything in my shop that I wouldn't wear. I had to look for a while to find any that were  of good enough quality not to be rough and to look good. Then I wore some around the house for a while to make sure that they stayed on and that they were comfortable. I finally ended up with some in both silver and gold tone that I'm quite happy with. Then the fun part began as I started to actually make the earrings. Clip on styles are not readily available everywhere and I'm hoping there will be a market for mine. I spent some time this morning creating the new section and getting them posted. If you click the post title  -"New Shop Section" - it will take you there :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011

My "Workbench"

There has been a request for a picture of my workspace, so now that I have one, I thought I'd share it here too. (To be honest, this is after I had tidied up). See that orchid? I  am finally able to get them to re-bloom. I'm pretty good at growing things but up until about a year ago I was not in tune with the orchids. I have one little spot in my house that has the right light and doesn't have drafts and they are very happy there. When one starts to bloom, I can move it where I want until it is finished, and then it goes back to its happy place to get ready to flower again. Now that I have finally made them happy, I have a hard time not buying them when I see a new color or form that I love.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

About a week ago I decided to create an Etsy "circle". When they first came out I couldn't see why I would want one, but ever since I added some people to mine, I've been amazed by the things that show up in my activity feed. It is endlessly fascinating. Every time one of the people in my circle hearts a shop or an item it shows up. It's sort of like having friends show you something they found that they are excited about. There is so much on Etsy that I don't think I could possibly find all the best items by myself. It's kind of neat to have some help digging up the good stuff. When the inspiration item for this week's nonteam challenge was announced, I noticed that most of the stuff currently in my activity feed looked like it just belonged in the treasury.


'Finds From My Activity Feed' by 3pearls