Sunday, November 6, 2011

Frost On The Pumpkin

It's November. Late Fall. It's getting colder. Winter is definitely on it's way. We actually got some snow on Friday. Not the pretty kind of snow, just wet and cold.  I always have a hard time letting go of summer. I'm one of the last ones to give up on wearing shorts and putting away the flip flops.  I hate to have to wear socks.  But I live in the Pacific Northwest and there comes a point where you really have to accept that it is cold. I was quite happy with my pumpkin harvest this year.  Here's a pic of the ones that made it onto the front porch

The colors inspired this bracelet. I named it Frost on the Pumpkin :)


  1. Wonderful pumpkins! Love the bracelet ;)

  2. Big ooos and ahhhs! This is beautiful--the color mix and clasp all come together in a perfect blend!

  3. Oh I LOVE all these fall pictures floating around! Gorgeous. Love your blog! Following now :)