Monday, January 17, 2011

My "Workbench"

There has been a request for a picture of my workspace, so now that I have one, I thought I'd share it here too. (To be honest, this is after I had tidied up). See that orchid? I  am finally able to get them to re-bloom. I'm pretty good at growing things but up until about a year ago I was not in tune with the orchids. I have one little spot in my house that has the right light and doesn't have drafts and they are very happy there. When one starts to bloom, I can move it where I want until it is finished, and then it goes back to its happy place to get ready to flower again. Now that I have finally made them happy, I have a hard time not buying them when I see a new color or form that I love.


  1. I envy (as much as I envy anything) your tidy workspace … and that orchid is beautiful!

  2. Wow, I love your orchid. I am horrible at growing plants, I had some lovely tulips that haven't been lovely in quite a while :P

    I love how organized your workspace is too!